BEOTON is a label for vocal, orchestral and chamber music. Its wide spectrum of recordings ranges from music of the Renaissance, baroque cantatas and solo concerts, symphonic works and compositions for Piano all through to experimental contemporary music.
In addition, works from the ›Grand Siècle‹ of the salon music have been recorded and published at Beoton.

Before Beoton was officially established in 1997, it had already launched several live recordings commissioned by the Radio for broadcast, leading to the creation of its own classical music label.
Aside from the Beoton label publications a number of our studio recordings have been published by other renowned record establishments.

"Beoton" is a reference to the Beo bird, native to Southeast Asia. It was chosen as our logo because of its astonishing ability to imitate sounds and language, as well as the famously melodious tones generated by its wings.

  • Recording and editing based on score
  • Mastering
  • GEMA copyrights and CD pressing
  • Accessible graphic publishing
  • Press copy for broadcasting and published media
  • Distribution

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